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Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you’ve been racking your brain to figure out what exactly to get him, then we have some suggestions that are sure to make your dad pleased and make your life easier. You can get these great Father’s Day gift ideas on sale now in our Deals tab.

Take your mess of remotes and turn them into a single, universal platform that you have with you all the time anyway. The Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote is a powerful home hub that gives you 150 feet of range with your phone, which has complete control over every aspect of your home viewing experience, including a customized TV guide. Compatible with over 225,000 components, it’s sure to work with your setup and give you total control.

The Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote usually retails for $130. If you head to our Deals tab, you can get it on sale for just $84.99. It’s a savings of 34% off, which makes it a can’t miss deal. Grab it on sale today!

Taking to the skies is easier than you could imagine thanks to the Snowflake Drone. This tiny little flyer is capable of going just about anywhere, and with six-axis gyro technology, it’s able to flip and roll with ease while staying in the air. You can pre-order the Snowflake Drone for just $39.99.

It doesn’t matter what music your dad prefers, even if he’s stuck in the past. He still deserves to hear it all in a the highest quality with maximum convenience. He’ll get that with the Airbuds Comfort Earbuds, on sale for just $32.99.

The light bulb is about to get a whole lot smarter. With the SMFX Smart Bulb, you’ll be able to control your lighting without ever getting out of your favorite chair. Just pull up the app and you can control the brightness, hue, and color of your lights right on your phone. You can get it for just $49.

How handy would it be to always have a backup power source right when you need it? That’s what you’ll have with the Innori 22,400mAh Portable Battery Pack. This lightweight and portable solution to all those times when you don’t have a power source to plug in to while your battery is being drained. Head to our Deals tab and you can save 42% off the retail price. 

If your dad fancies himself a mixologist, then you need to equip him with the right gear to make his favorite drinks. That’s exactly what he’ll have with the MakersKit Classic Cocktails Bar Set. You can get it for just $29.99.