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Tired of trying to find an open outlet to plug in another USB-connected device? Stop choosing which of your devices needs a charge the worst and start charging everything with the 6-plug Kinkoo USB tower. You can get it for just $35.

How handy would it be to always have a backup power source right when you need it? That’s what you’ll have with the Power Vault Battery Pack. This lightweight and portable solution to all those times when you don’t have a power source to plug in to while your battery is being drained. Head to our Deals tab and you can save 72% off the retail price. 

Running with headphones in can be a pain when the cords get in the way and tangle while you’re trying to focus. Save yourself the hassle and make sure your music never gets in your way with the Active Wrap Headphones. It’s on sale for just $24.

You trust your computer with everything, which is a scary thought because one little lapse and your entire digital life can disappear. With a lifetime subscription to Dripbit Online Backup, you won’t have to worry because you’ll always have an extra copy. Get peace of mind forjust $54.99.

If writing is your passion, you can turn it into your career with the right skills and abilities. If you want to learn what it takes, then check out the Essential Copywriting Bundle. You can get five great courses on the topic for just $29.99.

It’s an unfortunate fact that most businesses fail, but that just means that you need to go into the process prepared and ready if you want to succeed. You can arm yourself with the skills it takes with the Start Your Own Business Bundle. Get it on sale for just $59.