Wow what is there not to say about J.R. J.R. is not only my number one resource for tech but he is so well connected that if he can’t help you he knows who can. I was most impressed by J.R.’s willingness to help others without “selling” them to become his client. Connect with him today and attend his meet ups, you won’t be sorry that you did.

Chelsea Fox

Problem solver for the Female Entrepreneur/Business Owner * Risk Management Solutions, MIAFS - Chelsea Fox

J.R. is a very well rounded IT professional with impeccable follow up and a passion for technology. J.R. has a rare combination of high level technical expertise, and is still very relevant on a personal level with great communication skills. I would recommend J.R. for any of your technology solutions.

James Jackson

Driv[in]g outcomes through Professional Services and Staffing Solutions, Tek Systems

I have been a vendor of J.R.’s for five years and have transitioned with him from BLD to Qualitor to Harbor Industries. J.R. has been a pleasure to work with across all organization because he displays a high level of integrity, trust, and business acumen. J.R. makes good IT and financial decisions and dedicates himself 100% to his company. He speaks knowledgeably with all major manufacturers/engineers and is a pleasure to work with because he shows such a high level of technical knowledge across many areas from networking, security, and virtualization to storage and licensing.

Gillian Smith

Presidential Account Manager, Connection

JR is valued technical manager that I’d highly recommend. His technical knowledge with nearly all aspects of technology is second to none. His responsiveness, dedication to the company, and service to all clients (including employees) is noteworthy. Willing to travel as needed, pushed hard on cost savings, managed to budgets efficiently, and communicated very effectively with both those with technical background and without. Worked well with parallel technical responsibilities and did whatever he could to develop a strong overall business understanding. JR is clearly an asset to the company.

Timothy Bronsink

Controller, BLD Products

J.R. Muller is an outstanding performer. His skill level with IT systems is extremely high. He is very responsive, helpful, and an awesome individual. I would recommend J.R. for any IT position. I have never met a more compassionate and dedicated professional. His determination is unmatched. He is the best IT professional that I have ever worked along side. He will not leave you “hanging.” His personality is such that if he does not know the answer or the fix, he will keep digging until he finds the solution. I have worked with several IT professionals and he is at the top.

Robert Hansen

Engineer, BLD Products

I worked with JR for several years in Technical Support at Amway Corp. He is an amazing colleague. His technical knowledge is vast, yet he has the heart of a teacher. During this time, he was not only responsible for supporting end users of the retail website, he also handled training of all incoming technical staff.

His patience while training or assisting end users is endless. He quickly became a major resource for all things technical, especially the new technology.

He has maintained ties to friends although he has accepted other opportunities. And he is always available to assist when needed.

I would gladly work with JR in any capacity at any time.

Becki Hernandez

Systems Analyst - Technical Support, Amway

JR brought great things to the table. His technical skills were always cutting edge. His Integrity was equal to few: dependable, conscientious, hardworking, and very personable. I would re-hire JR in an instant! Do yourself a favor and get to know him!

Beth Naranjo

Management Consulting Consultant and Professional, Independent

As someone who has worked with J.R. professionally at BLD Products and for my personal needs, I can say with certainly J.R. is a class act. I think what I like best about JR is he is a straight shooter, who calls it like he sees it. I never have to wonder what the issue is, what the solution will be or if/when it will get fixed. He responds immediately to needs and issues and approaches every opportunity with a postive can do attitude. Knowledge wise he has fixed every issue and addressed each of my needs beyond my expectations. I have worked with a lot of IT folks over my career and J.R. is the best yet!!!

Bradford Burrows

Director of Engineering, Automatic Spring Products Corporation

Since 2004, my company has invested in an ongoing UX research project. From this research, we have several web domains targeting underserved markets worth $4.5 billion to my company. I met J.R. over coffee, shared insight, code and defined the problem to be solved for my latest e-commerce prototype. I discovered West Michigan Technology and Design Solutions as a great local resource and serious about user-centered design. I’ll be doing business there at some point for the next iteration. It was a delight speaking with J.R. and I highly recommend West Michigan Technology and Design Solutions.

David Walker

Owner, DVD Tyme

As a physical therapy practice owner, I am currently utilizing WMTDS for my IT maintenance needs. I was introduced to J.R. through our local Chamber of Commerce. He is very responsive to requests when we experience technology issues here at the office and takes care of them promptly. Highly recommended!

Don Freehafer

Owner, Freedom Physical Therapy

JR Muller is extremely professional and delivers the goods in a timely manner. I would highly recommend his services for your small or larger business needs.

Brad Lentz

Owner, Lentz Automotive Services

I met J.R a few years back and I have to say he knows IT and is a straight shooter. His prices are affordable and he is always quick to respond.

Michael Newcomb

Owner, Worldwise

Community-Driven and Highly Knowledgable.

John Potter

Owner, Competitive Prospects, LLC